Years of dedicated philanthropic work coupled with extensive national and international travels have afforded Rick, Jason and Dan Gregory opportunities to encounter profound needs and connect with nonprofits providing solutions. Driven by a desire to create an avenue whereby they could be a catalyst for social change, the father and sons team formally launched Gregory Ventures, LLC in 2011. Founded with a corporate commitment to have a global impact in impoverished communities and oppressed individuals, Gregory Ventures donates a significant portion of all revenues (not just profits!) to fund key nonprofit organizations in critical need of financial support. We invite you to visit our Philanthropy Page to learn more about Gregory Venture’s charitable commitments.

Gregory Ventures provides commercial and household products that revolutionize odor and stain control for carpet and hard surface flooring, including fabric and other living space surfaces. Dedicated to excellence, its patented GVX Cleaner harnesses the power of Australian tea tree oil, and decisively outperforms any other product of this kind, including all enzyme carpet cleaners such as the leading “Miracle” product. A commitment to the health of our planet is always in mind, and this is demonstrated in environmentally friendly products that are biodegradable and non-toxic.


Rick Gregory

Rick, who holds an MBA in International Development, has lived outside the US for extended periods of time since 2005 alongside his wife Sherry who has a Masters in Nursing and Public Health. In Uganda, Rick and Sherry worked with Dr. Scott Kellermann at the Bwindi Community Health Centre, caring for the Batwa pygmies of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, vilified and marginalized as a result of (unintentional and unforeseen) collateral damage from Mountain Gorilla conservation efforts. In Sudan, they lived in a remote village among the Dinka people, where Sherry served in a hospital and Rick brought agricultural tools and technology to a region long ravaged by civil war. In Northeast Uganda, they lived and worked in villages once tormented by the infamous and nefarious Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), teaching the poorest of the poor to drill their own water wells. In the Philippines, Sherry worked as a midwife in a “laying in” clinic for very poor residents of Davao. In Bolivia, Rick learned the nuances of manufacturing all the well-drilling tools and implements needed for hand-drilling water wells, while teaching poverty-stricken Quechua Indians in the Amazon basin to drill their own water wells.


Jason Gregory

With a Master’s degree in Education and Counseling, Jason is now recognized as a nationwide expert on creating Public-Private partnerships within private school communities, through his role as the Director of Community Life and Public Purpose at Sage Hill School in Newport Coast, California. Under Jason’s leader­ship and direction, Sage Hill School has created and fostered multiple partnerships with underrepresented schools throughout Orange County, CA, where their partner schools consistently struggle to maintain equity and quality in their educational process. Through these critical Public-Private partnerships, high school students teach and mentor elementary school students throughout the school year in the areas of organic farm­ing, sustainability, environmental awareness, and literacy. State Farm Insurance Youth Advisory Board has recognized the viability of this work by awarding a significant grant to keep this program moving forward.


Dan Gregory

Following his undergraduate education in Intercultural Studies, Dan worked for World Vision International in Thailand as a photojournalist. His specific assignment was to articulate and expose the horrors of the sex slave trade in Southeast Asia. His work of interviewing and chronicling the lives of victims took him from Thailand to Burma, Laos, Cambodia and then ultimately into Afghanistan. Today, as a Licensed Nurse Practitioner, Trauma with a Master’s in Nursing and Public Health, Dan serves as the Lead Nurse Practitioner in the Trauma Department for Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA, one of the largest and busiest trauma centers in the nation.