How to use GVX

HOW TO: Treat Spots:

  1. Spray GVX Cleaner onto affected area, spraying first at the edges and moving toward the center.
  2. Rough it up a bit using a brush/towel/etc. to let the cleaner infiltrate enemy odor and stain.
  3. Mop up any extra with a paper towel or clean white rag.
  4. Let it dry, then vacuum all traces of odor and stain into oblivion forever!

HOW TO: Treat a Full Room for Refreshing and General Urine Odor Control

  1. Dilute GVX Cleaner to one part GVX Cleaner to four parts water, and then pre-spray the areas to be cleaned until damp. 
  2. After about 10 minutes, extract carpeted areas with hot water; rinse and mop/wipe hard surface areas with clean water.
  3. Use fans if you need to accelerate drying.
  4. Once the area is dry, double-check your work with a black light (if you don’t have one, you can purchase here).

For Other Odors: GVX Cleaner safely and effectively removes odors and stains from animal or human feces, vomit, or other organic contaminants. Simply remove the solid “debris,” and spot clean as in the “how it works” section.

Store GVX Cleaner at temperatures below 120º F