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The next big thing in floorcovering maintenance, deodorizing and spot cleaning.
Soft and hard surfaces.
Straight Outta Australia.

GVX is manufactured with pharmaceutical grade Australian tea tree oil. It’s the highest quality tea tree oil in the world; from down under, we’re bringing a completely new way to wipe out odors and stains.


Sell More Floors. Keep your customers happy. Make more money.

From a fully scalable supply chain to solid cash resources, this family business 15 years in the making is ready to help take your business to the next level.  Use for spot cleaning, odor abatement and general cleaning/maintenance.



GVX is NOT AN ENZYME BASED SOLUTION.  Here’s how it works: GVX encapsulates, suspends and ultimately destroys the molecular matrix (e.g. uric acid crystals in urine), the source of the odor and stain; all traces are then vacuumed away safely.  This product is critical in any environment exposed to repeat soiling such as healthcare/memory care, education, hospitality, and commercial applications.


Made in the USA

We manufacture GVX in Los Angeles, Baltimore and Atlanta.


We’ll make it right if you are not completely satisfied with this product.


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