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This basic coaching package, coming with some of the finest executive coaches in the industry is a part of every one of our GV Distribution Packages – and includes over 40 hours of coaching. In addition to the equipment included in the Distribution modules, there is a select block of Professional Coaching designed to make your transition seamless as you join the GV Distribution team. Contact us for more information!

Beyond the Distribution team coaching package (and charged separately), you have options to include any or all of the following:


Empower Partners work with Companies to provide Leadership Training for Sales Managers, Executives and Operations Managers.

Empower Partners provides 1 on 1 Executive coaching to business owners, CEO’s, Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents to provide a sounding board as well as training on how to create a stronger culture. Key deliverables for Executive coaching are:

  • Business Strategy

  • Transitioning from management to leadership

  • Developing a powerful vision for the company and how to communicate the vision

  • Developing your leadership style

  • Holding effective and motivational meetings

  • Conflict resolution

  • Management succession and ownership transfer

  • Empowering your team


Empower Partners provides 1 on 1 coaching for sales and operations managers to develop their leadership skills to the next level of success. Key deliverables are as follows:

  • Recruiting top talent

  • Improving the interview process

  • Goal setting that gets results

  • Holding motivational sales meetings and team meetings

  • Sales Force Effectiveness

  • Reducing turn over and building loyal employees

  • Time Management

  • Managing an independent agent sales force

Transitioning sales people from transactional selling to relationship selling to improve margins


Empower Partners provides 1 on 1 coaching for sales people to develop their selling skills and to learn the habits of top producing sales people. Key deliverables are as follows:

  • Improving your selling skills with new techniques for prospecting, presenting, overcoming objections and closing

  • Transition from transactional sales to relationship selling to make more money

  • Effective time management and territory management

  • Understanding the customers buying style and how to modify your selling style

  • Superior Customer Service

  • Critical Success Factors

  • How to listen more and sell more

  • Positive self talk

  • Motivational Accountability


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