We are constantly hearing from satisfied customers whose lives are literally being changed by GVX, some of whom are using it on their pet odors and stains as intended, others who are finding out that pet odors and stains is only the tip of the iceberg of its many, many uses! Do you have a great testimonial to share? We want to hear from you! 


I just wanted you to know that GVX has surpassed my expectations. It has been super effective on every type of organic stain, spill and odor on many surfaces, most recently my fabric chairs. It has even removed the residue left by other cleaners. I had been a Urine-Off fan but I must say that your product surpasses this very good product. I am extremely satisfied with this product and am going to apply it on other surfaces like bath tile and floorings.


Jaime Contreras
IVN Community Manager


I wish I had known about GVX years ago. I’ve been wasting my money on “other” carpet cleaners that didn’t do half the job that GVX can do. I have a 9-year-old blind toy poodle that as he ages has many “accidents.” We moved into a new house and of course new carpet/rugs. We were worried we’d have to crate our little one; but with GVX we can set him free. GVX is an amazing cleaning, biodegradable, magic solution. And the added bonus is the scent of tea tree oil smell great! Most other carpet/pet cleaners strip away the carpet color, have a harsh smell and don’t even remove the odor. GVX has saved my carpet and now I have a super happy doggie that can have free roam of the house.

Rosia S.


Thank you so much for the recommendation of GVX. I had two German Shepherds and through the illness of the older one and the the illness of the second, my Berber carpet was a disaster and I honestly did not think I could salvage it. I had tried every product and recommendation known, paid to have it cleaned and the stains just continually returned as did the odor when it was damp outside. I used GVX on every area that had been urinated and soiled on over the past year. Much to my amazement GVX not only fully removed the stains and the odor but to this day they have not returned [treated over a month ago]. I am ecstatic at the results and the monies saved.

Thank you again and I would highly recommend the GVX to anyone.

Donna C.


Rick Gregory introduced me to GVX because I had spilled some water on my carpet that ended up gaining a mildew smell. I tried some other products and home remedies but nothing worked. I took GVX home and sprayed it, rubbed it, blotted it and vacuumed it. Voila! It was all gone without a trace. A couple of days later, the dog spit something up on our high dollar comforter. We used it again and BOOM! Like it never happened. Add to that, it has a pleasant clean smell when you use it. No scent of chemicals or anything unnatural. After learning about their philanthropy I became a customer for life. I can’t wait to see the lasting impact GVX will have on the world. Great job guys!


Marcelo D. Mills


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